Shadi Al Mahameed

General Manager

  • Shadi Bassam AL Mahameed is the General Manager of The Mediterranean and Gulf Insurance and Reinsurance Co. B.S.C (c) MEDGULF Dubai Branch
  • After graduating from university, Shadi turned to the field of marketing. He traveled to Saudi Arabia and worked in a hospital then entered the field of insurance in 1997. He started working in the marketing department at Ark Insurance Company, then worked as a Business Development Manager in MEDGULF KSA.
  • In 2006 when the private insurance companies started to emerge in Syria, Shadi returned to occupy the position of Marketing and Business Development Manager in Syrian Arab Insurance Company and later as an Assistant General Manager in the same company.
  • Prior to his current position Shadi worked as a Vice President in Marsh Insurance Brokers and Risk Consultancy in Dubai. He started as a Business Development Manager in the company back in 2013.
  • Al Mahameed’s other qualifications include a BA in English Literature from Damascus University and he has earned a Diploma in Brand Management from the University of Bahrain.