Corporate Social Responsibility

MEDGULF is making a move in the area of Corporate Social Responsibility. We here at MEDGULF UAE have initiated the first stages under our Making Moves strategy and expect our efforts to grow in line with our business and products.


At MEDGULF UAE we want to govern ourselves with honesty and transparency and have a positive impact on a social and environmental scale. The contributions and activities from our Making Moves strategy will have a direct and indirect impact on our various stakeholders, including members, shareholders, employees, suppliers and the environment. Sustainable business is important, but what is vital is sustainability for our people and our planet.

“Making Moves @ MEDGULF not only wants to earn your trust………but actually make a difference”

Move 1 – The Environment

MEDGULF UAE recognize that certain activities have an environmental impact on various stakeholders, and it is our responsibility to minimize this and promote best practice. As we are at initiation stages ourselves as a company, here are our initial approaches on the subject of being environmentally conscious.

  • Monitor our carbon footprint
  • Recycling
  • Power saving
Move 2 – Health

As we offer insurance primarily focusing on the area of health, this is a subject that we are very passionate about. MEDGULF UAE want to promote healthier lifestyles to all of our shareholders and within our marketing strategies. We incorporate many healthy initiatives which we expect to increase over the coming months.

  • Discounts on external gyms for all members of staff
  • Biannual Employee wellness checks
  • Fresh fruit delivered every Sunday morning for all employees
Move 3 – The Community

Going forward it is our priority to use our knowledge and expertise as a group and give back to our local community, whilst also having a positive impact on their health. We hope to become involved with certain organizations and address specific issues that are core to MEDGULF UAE’s values.

  • Medgulf employee fundraisers for UAE based health related charities